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Laura Grier

Adventure Photographer, Photo Anthropologist, Travel Writer and Social Impact Entrepreneur who has visited 87 Countries and 7 Continents

Meet Laura Grier, the Indiana Jones of Adventure Travel Photography and the recent addition to the Discovery Channel UK’s “20 Richest People in the World List”, people who are rich in life experiences that is. It is no surprise that Laura turned her life of travel, adventure, and exploration into a profession. As a photojournalist for 20 years, Laura has made a life out of exploring the world, capturing, and writing about her experiences. 

A self-proclaimed jet-setter at heart, Laura has been a globe-trotter from an early age having grown up internationally with two parents that worked for the CIA. She graduated from Syracuse University with a dual degree in Photojournalism and Art Photography and in 2003 founded Beautiful Day Photography, based in Los Angeles and specializing in destination weddings and events. Her ability to channel her storytelling into a chic, vibrant perspective, has made her a veteran International photographer, shooting on all 7 continents. While on these trips, Laura felt an overwhelming need to tell the stories of the people and experiences she gathered along the way through her lens. This desire sparked the creation of her Travel and Fine Art website,, highlighting the behind-the-scenes of her photography and personal stories while jet-setting around the world.   

Laura’s most notable work has been shooting for National Geographic's artisan catalog that represents global artisans practicing “Vanishing Arts” around the world. She shoots all of their catalog work, trains their in-house photographers around the world, and shoots and films their “happiness” philanthropic projects.  Laura also writes a regular travel column for the Huffington Post and Venuelust and teaches, mentors, and inspires other photographers through her travel workshops and expeditions. She has presented for brands like Canon, WPPI, Zenfolio, Samys Camera and CreativeLive.   

Passionate about mentoring, women’s education and empowerment, photography and travel, Laura leads workshops, expeditions, and has recently launched Andeana Hats her passion project in partnership with Novica/National Geographic Catalog. The mission behind Andeana is to empower women and help global artisans continue their cultural traditions; enabling them to support themselves and lead their communities out of poverty.

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